About us

ACDC has been active in the field of building automation since 2005.
We started our activities, offering IHC lighting and curtain control systems, which by now have been substituted by the KNX standard independent of the manufacturer. This enables us to offer solutions for the complete field of building automation (lighting, curtains, heating, cooling, ventilation, audio-video, alarm/intrusion, access systems).
The dramatically fast development in the field of building automation determines a permanent upgrading of our solutions. The fact that we keep abreast of all the recent innovations in building automation and are actively participating in further training all over Europe can be considered to be our strong feature.
High-quality building automation presupposes a client-based final solution approach; therefore every solution offered is unique and fully tailored for the user.
ACDC’s philosophy lies in fulfilling client’s building automation dreams. It is just for these reasons that every solution completed so far has been so unique.