Main goals of building automation are energy saving, comfort, security and flexibility.
Konnex (KNX) is the most common standard in Europe for a complex management of technological systems in a building. In 2010 the KNX standard celebrated its 20th anniversary.
KNX‘s advantage lies in the openness of the system, which means that all manufacturers can produce the equipment for the KNX system. Before giving a permission to start the production of a device, the independent KNX Association will check the equipment to make sure that the device to be produced absolutely conforms to other KNX devices. This makes it possible to use in one system devices produced by many different manufacturers, selecting them either by their price, functions or design. There are more than two hundred different manufacturers in the world.
ACDC has a KNX Partner certificate issued by the Konnex Association.
We are also the founding members of the KNX Userclub Estonia.